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What is WingChun?

WingChun is the martial art of intelligent people. The focus is on conflict avoidance – in the case of self-defense, WingChun is designed for absolute effectiveness. Even special units are trained all over the world in WingChun, including the German police in many federal states. The thing that makes WingChun really stand out is the focused speed and strength. The goal is the fastest possible resolution of the fighting situation, which requires absolute precision in every action. The technical and mental skills learned and practiced in various complex processes and forms enable the development of a healthy self-confidence. WingChun is not a competition. The goal is to improve yourself with every training session.

The martial art of intelligent people

Sifu Kids Philosophy

Develop and grow

WingChun? Sifu Kids is much more than just the martial art. Our playful, pedagogically founded training inspires children to develop into strong, confident and self-effective people. This way, children do not only become physically strong, but also mentally, to help them to successfully master difficult situations and challenges on their own.

Your children will feel safe and accepted at Sifu Kids, they encourage each other and make friends who can accompany them for a life.

Children experience Sifu Kids as a reliable living space next to home and school, where they can develop and unfold freely. We meet your children at eye level and are always in contact with you, the parents. To make your kids strong and confident for every situation later on in life.

Exercise as a learning stimulus

Children love exercise

One important part of our approach is exercise. Children need the physical activity to assess their own abilities and get to know themselves better. Exercise and perception play an important role in a child’s development because they support learning and development processes. Through physical activity, children experience their own self- effectiveness (according to the psychologist Albert Bandura), i.e. it builds confidence in their own strength, and helps them to act independently even in difficult situations. People who developed their motor skills well in early childhood have a healthy posture and good coordination skills, are more resilient and have fewer fears.

Here at Sifu Kids, coordination, speed and strength, but also planning and perception of their own actions play a big role. WingChun is based on reaction ability, movement control and speed as well as agility. Finally, with this martial art, children learn how to protect themselves – very practically, but also in the figurative sense: as self-confident, self-effective people.

Why Sifu Kids?

What do you want most for your child? Surely you want them to become a balanced, self-confident, self-conscious and self-effective person who can develop their full potential, feels valuable and can enter the world stronger.

We actively accompany your child on this path. Not just as a sports club, but as a safe place where they can learn about their feelings, abilities and also limits. We help them to develop their self-confidence so that they can find their place in society from puberty onward and gain respect and develop their abilities and strengths.


That is why we don’t just train their physical abilities at Sifu Kids. Every training session starts with the children telling the group about their last experiences. Through appreciative communication with the children, their self-esteem, self-effectiveness and social skills are supported. The children learn self-defense through play in the group. They also experience that interpersonal conflicts can best be solved through communication. It is important to be able to defend yourself physically, whether against bullies or in other dangerous situations as well as against strangers and people who don’t have good intentions with your child.

The Sifu animals

3-4 years old​
5-6 years old
7-9 years old
10-12 years old

Age groups at Sifu Kids

To meet the needs of your children in the best possible way, we divide them into four groups at Sifu Kids, adapted to their age-specific abilities. Each group is assigned a power animal. The youngest, between three and four years identify themselves with the crocodile, the five- to six-year-olds with the tiger, the seven- to nine-year-olds with the eagle, and the ten- to twelve-year-olds have the dragon as their power animal.

Teenagers from 13 years onwards are welcome to train in our Academy of WingChun in our group for teenagers.


3-4 years old

At three years old, children start to ask questions, they can acquire impressive, detailed knowledge, and they can already express what they want and what they don’t want. This is the magical phase, which opens up a whole new fantasy world to the children. Four-year-olds already recognize unfair  actions, they can distinguish between their own feelings and those of another people, and they can take the perspective of another person. Their coordination becomes more and more balanced and needs a variety of stimuli, the urge to imitate is high. We introduce the youngest children to WingChun with obstacle courses and agility exercises, but also in individual exercises.

The Tiger

At this age, children are able to grasp even more complex situations. They can understand their own situation and other peoples situations and can put them into words. Their motor skills are developed, and they can do almost anything. At this age, children learn about their own abilities and limits. Their understanding of time, distance and speed improves, allowing for more precise and faster movements in WingChun.

5-6 years old


7-9 years old

The transition from kindergarten to school is a special stage in life. Children have to adapt to the new environments and react with so-called “condensed developmental requirements”. Starting school means restructuring their living space. The role of the child within the family and in the new educational institution is changed and redefined. During this time, a constant that is not school is especially important. In this phase we promote the children’s strengths as well as their new self-perception. Competences such as independence, assertiveness and expressiveness are learning goals that we promote at this age.

The Dragon

Children at this age gradually enter the puberty phase and have to cope with a variety of changes. The change to high school and the changes in their bodies are great challenges. In this stressful phase, a constant in their life is of high importance. At Sifu Kids the children experience and learn a stable system of values to orientate themselves by and a stable place with like-minded peers.

10-12 years old

About us

Sifu Alexander Lemuth

Sifu Alex holds the master’s degree in WingChun (Sifu literally means “teachers-master”). He found his way to this martial art at a young age and has been teaching it since 1995. Sifu Alex likes good coffee, Italian literature, and colorful desk lamps. He is a visionary. He works in a focused way and likes to connect with like-minded people and hear about their ideas so together, they can create a more meaningful world than they could ever do alone.

Sifu Alex has built his life on the philosophy of WingChun, characterized by enthusiasm, fighting spirit and modesty and a deep interest in the technical, mental and holistic contents of WingChun. With his authentic teaching method, Sifu Alex is a source of inspiration and a role model for the children. He is convinced that through the philosophy and continuous training of WingChun everyone can unfold their exceptional qualities.


You and your child want to know more about Sifu Kids? Then visit us together for a free trial training session. A Sifu Kids teacher will show you around the academy and answer all your questions. In the trial training itself, WingChun will be explained in detail and you will see how the lessons with Sifu Kids work. You don’t need any previous knowledge for the trial session, just bring a T-shirt, sport pants, sneakers, and something to drink for your child.


Trial Training Sessions & Contact

Crocodiles (3-4 years old): Tue & Fri 15:30-16:00
Tigers (5-6 years old): Tue & Fri 16:15-16:45
Eagles (7-9 years old): Tue & Fri 17:00-17:45
Dragons (10-12 years old): tue & fri 17:45-18:45
Parent/child: Thu 17:30-18:30

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